Vagina fingers character explores universe gone mad.

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Super Z

A zombie family, genetically modified by a mad scientist, gets out from a clandestine laboratory. In spite of mercenaries going after them, they’re about to spread chaos.

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Triple Trouble: A Residents Film

From priesthood to plumber. In the wake of his mother's death, an idealistic but emotionally isolated man replaces his belief in God with faith in a fungus. From director Homer Flynn who's The Residents chief visual designer.

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Wild Bones

Fay reconnects with her sister, Alice, as she misremembers the cause of her Father's disappearance and allows it to consume her.

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Shorts Block: Beyond The Outer Film

6 shorts for the price of 1 ticket! - Self Exposure | Plot Driven Movie | This Desolate Shore | The Deep End | Safe Passage | Camp Koba

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