Monkey Love, Please Hold 

2021 / 23 min / USA / Comedy, Romance, Drama
Directed by Greg Fox
Cast: Dan Mousseau, Hannah Galway, Hayden Finkleshtain

An offbeat dark comedy that follows the life of the reclusive, heartbroken and karaoke loving Ben. When he receives an unsolicited package from a mysterious delivery man, his stale dreary life is turned upside down, taking him on a wild ride that brings a new love into his life.

Big Dumb Animal

2022 / 20 min / Canada / Comedy

Directed by Schuyler Willson

A repressed man re-enters society after 7 months grieving a lost partner, missing dog, and troubling planetary matters.

The Guitar Thief

2022 / 17 min / USA / Comedy

Directed by Miguel Lepe, Jr.
Cast: Miguel Lepe, Jr., Nathalie Galde, Vernon Mina

Two mariachi players cope with rent increases, a changing neighborhood and a stolen guitar.