Love Letter Templates

Thirteen short stories interconnect the trauma of millennials lost in sex, drugs, and dance-punk afterparties during the 2000s in San Francisco's seedy districts.

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Medusa (Méduse)

Romane and Clemence are between 25 and 30 years old, they are sisters and live together. Romane has to look after Clémence, who is disabled since they had a car accident, when teenagers. Romane was not hurt, but Clemence had a cerebral vascular accident which lets her completely unable to speak and to walk in a normal way. One night, while Clemence is asleep, Romane decides to go out. That night, she will get back home late with Guillaume, her new boyfriend. Day after day, Guillaume will gradually feel invested in a duty: make Clemence recover her speech and the use of her legs. But over the days, the complicity between Clemence and Guillaume will become more and more unbearable for Romane.

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Mister Limbo

Two strangers wake up in the middle of the desert with no memory of anything - including their names. Are they dead? Or did they just party too hard at Burning Man?

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New Beginnings and False Starts

A New Year's card that looks backwards to consider what might be to come. A collage made up of outtakes from "The Quick and the Dead" and educational filmstrips.

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Nostalgic Purgatory

A girl wakes up and finds herself at a strangely familiar mall. As she explores the shops and picks up fragments of memories, she notices a strange presence following her through the halls...

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