In Action

Sean and Eric are just two bumbling screenwriters drafting the “next big action flick,” utterly oblivious to the insanity that awaits when the government intercepts their script, believing it to be a veritable terrorist plot.

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Prayer Before Birth

Through the journey of a young woman, the story takes us across wonders and catastrophes of the world. In search of her place within it, she seeks to regain true freedom.

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Raw Milk

"A hard-boiled story about unboiled milk." Raw Milk is a surreal thriller about an irreverent slacker who hunts for unpasturized milk to cure her brother’s allergies. Her search through the muddy farms around Greater Vancouver sucks her into a deadly dairy conspiracy. Recasting the noir tropes of the “paranoid thriller” to Drone Metal and legal weed, Raw Milk laughs with the very high and very absurd stakes of unpasteurized dairy in Canada.

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The Return

The Return is a sci-fi, kung-fu, hip hop musical set in a world where all art, music, and communication was banned. The ruthless 警察 Jǐngchá hunted and imprisoned all who did not obey the law. Information was shared through a microchip that each citizen was given in a brain implant, which was used to send state propaganda messages, spreading lies and fear. A few brave artists refused to stop creating and joined together to fight back.

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