Self Exposure 

2022 / 12 min / USA / Drama

Directed by Randy Shinn
Cast: Jackie Kelly, Adam Flowers, Don McClendon

A woman encounters a mysterious doorway deep in the woods.

Plot Driven Movie

2021 / 5 min / USA / Animation, Dark Comedy

Directed by Michael Edwards

A limited enumeration on the definitions of Plot. While innocently exploring its own definitions, tragedy strikes and Plot will never be the same.

This Desolute Shore

2022 / 8 min / USA / Experimental

Directed by Chris Peters
Cast: Anna Telfer, Naomi Petit

History’s first narrative film made with A.I. In early 2021, a machine intelligence spent two days watching several films by the legendary director Jean-Luc Godard.

Starting with a blank slate, the A.I. used these films to learn about our visual world for the first time. Later, a separate A.I. was used to write the poetry heard in the narration. It is presented verbatim, edited only for length. To complete the experiment a live action narrative, shot in vintage 16mm, was wrapped around this otherwise A.I. generated film. With machine-generated imagery and narration, the film gives us a glimpse into our world as seen by a new intelligence of our own design.

The Deep End

2022 / 13 min / USA / Drama

Directed by Jack Fessenden
Cast: Annabel Asher, Roger Peltzman, Cody Kostro

A piano tuner gets caught up in a botched home invasion.

Safe Passage (for Sheila)

2021 / 3 min / USA / Documentary

Directed by Erin Fussel

On the surface, Safe Passage (for Sheila) is a look at living alone during the pandemic in a 2 1/2 minute story about a spider. In a deeper sense, it challenges the femme fatale stereotype. Based on a true story.

Camp Koba

2022 / 18 min / USA / Drama

Directed by Kasha Fauscett
Cast: Lizzy Salter, Veda Jade, Kate Kaemmerling, Sabrina Kelly

An unintentional killing at Camp Koba leaves Layla to live in secrecy where it eats away at her subconscious. Upon trying to take her own life for the pain she burdens, she is rescued by the greatest force.