The Engineer

A seemingly average Joe, navigating the monotonous routines of everyday life, but sometimes there is more to things than meets the eye.

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For Kicks

Semi-retired Chicago security guard Eugene Thomas reflects on his life, music, and martial arts practice. Oh, and that decade between the 80s and 90s when he was an international celebrity, starring in a dozen ninja movies filmed in Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

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Vhs to digital. Fast Forward and slowed down. A synthesis of the digital and the analog glitch. Joyride is part 2 of the ongoing Elvis video-cycle. Blue Hawaii and sounds of The Pink Room (Twin Peaks).

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Lori and the Six Six Sixties

“The Other Side of the Forest” is a fantasy Pop-Art Fairytale starring Lori Stott (BBC’s The Demon Headmaster’ and Ashley Sutherland,. It is the tale of a shy young woman seeking her fame in the dark work of the 1960s folk-music underground. Lori’s journey to stardom takes her on a journey far beyond the familiar music world she is trying to break into and instead breaks out to a forgotten past of rural landscapes, magic, myth, dead Gods and mysterious fallen angels.

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The Love Song of William H. Shaw

Years ago, comic bookstore owners Pete Reynoso (the “Oscar”) and John Burns (the “Felix”) helped their friend, the acclaimed screenwriter William H. “Billy” Shaw complete the screenplay for the sequel to the hottest comic book movie of the moment, “Fren-Zee 2.”

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