5 x 7

Thanks to the random discovery of the 1801 photographs taken in 1957 by the young Cancian in that rural village where he had arrived almost by chance, the story resumes there where it was interrupted sixty years earlier. And the thread of memories ties back to people and places, bringing with itself some essential reflections on how photography can become an ethnographic look at small communities.

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Frank and Lily, partners by chance and circumstance, set off on a wild journey in their search for a mystical character known as the Sunbathing Dog. They encounter oddball characters, strange places and new sounds... but will they ever find what they’re looking for?

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The Deep Ones

A married couple rents a beach side Airbnb only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. They soon discover to be in the grips of a mysterious cult and their ancient sea god.

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Despite The Gods

Cinema's prodigal daughter Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David Lynch) braves the unmapped territory of Bollywood-Hollywood movie making, where chaos is the process and filmmaking doubles as a crash course in acceptance and self-realization.

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The Exhibitionists

Follow filmmaker Walter Todd over 36 deadly hours as he exploits his closest friends and family during a New Year's Eve party, exposing their darkest secrets and sexual perversions.

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Happy Bag

When life gives you lemons - kill yourself. Ollie is terminal and plans to do just that. With the support of those closest to him, he has set a date for his own euthanasia. Sal, his oldest friend, documents Ollie’s final days while adding a surprise gift; Fabrizio Canale, an Italian musician and professional busker.

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