Playing with the short Ouroboros

2022 / 86 min / UK / Mystery, Drama, Horror

Directed by Jack James
Cast: Roxy Bugler, Mary Roubos, Liz Farhadi, Tom Cray

Fay reconnects with her sister, Alice, as she misremembers the cause of her Father’s disappearance and allows it to consume her.

Fay lives a life that is blurred and frayed at the edges; memories are catching up with her as past cruelties, and tragedies collide into sharp focus through a myriad of visions and half-remembered history.

Fay’s sister, Alice, reaches out and reveals that they have been left a house by their missing Father, now presumed dead. To retrieve her Father’s house, Fay has to meet with Candace, Alice’s biological Mother and the woman Fay holds responsible for her past trauma.

The two sisters attempt to rebuild their relationship, while trying to convince one another of the truth about their family and their history.