SExploitation Night with The House of Blaze

Join MaryJane and RewBee Blaze at the Screening Room for a special screening of a sexploitation cult classic directed by Doris Wishman. Which one? Well, you are going to have to come out to see!

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Tucson Electro Doc

This interview-based Documentary follows the underground Electronic Music scene after one party sparked a movement in 2016. Each local helps shed light on the beauty, struggle, and inevitable outcome of a DIY scene in a tough market like Tucson. The story also highlights the influx of new capital to the city and how that effected both the scene and the culture of the city.

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VHS Bazaar

Join us at The Screening Room downtown during the AZ Underground Film Festival. We will have a few vendors with VHS and other goodies. Feel free to bring stuff to trade. FREE entry!

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Vinyl Nation

A deep dig into the crates of the vinyl record resurgence to discover what an old technology says about our relationship to music and each other in a divided time in America.

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Wee Shadows

Edinburgh, Scotland 1828. Two crooks are hired by a corrupt surgeon to steal a fresh body from Greyfriar's Kirkyard. But they find this simple task more difficult than first thought, both in the physical and the spiritual sense.

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