Playing with the short Memento Mori as 3,684 Cyanotype Sunprints

2022 / 95 min / Canada / Drama, Comedy

Directed by Mitchell Stafiej
Cast: James Watts, Travis Cannon, Maica Armata

Like a mumblecore for invisible disability, The Diabetic follows a lonely and irreverent 30 year old Type 1 Diabetic named Alek who returns to his hometown to re-live his teenage ‘glory days.’

Upon arrival in suburbia he finds that most of his old friends have moved away, started a family, or simply grown up. Only one person responds to his invitation: Matt, an old acquaintance who has never moved away from the suburbs. Matt represents everything that Alek despises about suburban life; the banal, boring, and uncultured. Unwilling to give up on his nostalgic dreams, Alek parties with Matt, launching them into a hallucinatory and directionless fugue through the dark streets of suburbia. Throughout the seemingly never-ending night and as Alek’s blood sugars become more erratic, he pushes Matt and their adventure to darker and darker places with complete disregard for their well-being.

An exploration of invisible disability through lo-fi cinematography, textural sound, and the anti-image.