Panama Narratives 

2021 / 9 min / USA / Documentary, Experimental
Directed by Jacqueline Arias

This video explores the U.S. intervention in the Panama Canal Zone and the relationship between the Canal Zone residents, the Panamanian people, the Indigenous Guna people and my childhood experience.

Bite Mark Evidence

2021 / 3 min / USA / Experimental, True Crime
Directed by Daniel Watkins

A film about a highly controversial forensic technique that gained national prominence during Ted Bundy’s trial for the murder of Lisa Levy.

Main in a Maze

2022 / 23 min / USA / Mystery, Thriller

Directed by Sergio Jimenez
Cast: Ashley Richardson, Sergio Jimenez

Grief leads man into orchestrating a bizarre plot to retrieve a lost love’s soul.


2021 / 19 min / USA / Drama, Sci-Fi

Directed by Casey T. Malone
Cast: Mario Andre Alberts

A grieving astronaut drifts through space and memory in order to understand his place in the universe.

Pretty is as Pretty Does

2022 / 7 min / USA / Experimental

Directed by Jenny Elizabeth Stark

Pretty Is As Pretty Does takes a gander at Southern “lifestyle culture” represented in books like Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon, Pinterest lists of Southern sayings, and Hollywood representations of the South. The film remembers matriarchal traditions, recipes, and language long after leaving home. It’s also about being charmed by kids with good manners, still hearing the relentless hum of cicadas even thousands of miles away, and missing the humid air, fireflies, and distant storms. Storms can be deadly, though, and sometimes politeness is an excuse to hide painful truths. Memory is just the road we’re lost on.


2021 / 30 min / Ireland / Experimental

Directed by Juana Robles
Cast: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, John Linnane, Dagmar Gertot

Inspired by Joan of Castile (1479-1555) and her episode of life spent in grief and isolation, Anastatica explores ambiguous mental and physical conditions under institutional concepts of control and oppression through an expressive cinematic form shot on Super 8mm film. In an improvisational performance distinguished by a strong sense of space and design, integrating lighting, costume and architecture, the film creates surreal worlds between life and death, dream and poetry.