2020 / Singapore / 66 min / Documentary

Directed By Mark Chua and Lam Li Shuen
Cast: Frank Lee, Lily Ma, Shoeb Ahmad, Michael Kearney

Frank and Lily, partners by chance and circumstance, set off on a wild journey in their search for a mystical character known as the Sunbathing Dog. They encounter oddball characters, strange places and new sounds… but will they ever find what they’re looking for?

Cannonball is a conceptual docu-fiction film, following Singaporean art rock band ARE on their album tour through Australia, featuring performances by other acts in Australia’s experimental music scene. The first self-produced feature film by a Singaporean band, the film was based on the music of the Cannonball album and the album was based on the film that was to be made on the tour. It is an exploration into presenting and creating work in unreality and the subconscious.