The Love Song of William H. Shaw

2023 / 95 min / USA / Narrative

Directed by Marty Ketola, Clif Campbell
Cast: Bradford Trojan, Nathan Campbell, Eric Shumacher, Olivia Blake

Years ago, comic bookstore owners Pete Reynoso (the “Oscar”) and John Burns (the “Felix”) helped their friend, the acclaimed screenwriter William H. “Billy” Shaw complete the screenplay for the sequel to the hottest comic book movie of the moment, “Fren-Zee 2.”

Now, Billy finds himself again haunted by imaginary (?) superhero Fren-Zee, as he was

during the writing process of “Fren-Zee 2.” With his life relatively on track with his new girlfriend Katy and his two years of sobriety, Billy needs to make Fren-Zee go away permanently. He can’t watch his life go down the drain again. Unfortunately, the only two people who could help him, Pete and John, have been feuding for years since achieving fame, and now run rival comic stores. And they don’t have time for Billy’s shenanigans.

Can Billy save himself and his friends, too? Or is this the time where it all falls apart?