Woman Alive

2022 / 106 min / Israel / Narrative

Directed by Macabit Abramson
Cast: Lihi Zemel, Sasha Okun, Dvora Bayana

Saturday, September 23rd at 4:00PM



Thirty-year-old Shlomit is married and the mother of a little girl leaves her home in Jerusalem out of personal distress and embarks on an unknown journey through the slums of south Tel Aviv between black immigrants and prostitutes. She seeks an unmediated touch in life that will make her feel alive herself. During her journey, the Privilege Ashkenazi Princess meets the other Israel who has so far been a stranger to her and thus meets the other unknown foreign woman inside her. She falls in love with a Russian painter older than her who could be her father, drifting on a dark passionate journey, deteriorating, breaking all boundaries and reaching the edge, swinging between life and death.

She becomes aware of the demon who controls her from within her, stops struggling with herself, gives up trying to fill her inner void by the control of a powerful man, and finds her identity as an artist and a woman. She creates large dolls from materials that gather on the street in the characters of the people she met along the way and helped her. In a show she does in a public park with the dolls she created she reunites for a magical moment with her little girl.