Playing with the short Big Red Bastard

2019 / 76 min / Turkey / Drama, Crime

Directed by Onur Unlu
Cast: Demet Evgar, Serhat Mustafa Kılıc, Ayse Melike Cerci

This non-dialogue but full of adventures story follows the life of a young woman called Sukran. It starts with a terrible train accident that causes Sukran to become limp and her mother to die while attempting to save Sukran. From that point, Sukran’s life is nothing but a series of violent and deadly events, some of which she suffers and some of which she creates.

When Sukran finds out that her sister is about to escape with a man, she doesn’t hesitate to take her place secretly, in order to get rid of their abusive father and gloomy life. The deceived lover has no choice but to marry Sukran according to traditional laws. The obviously doomed marriage brings no joy to either of them. While the husband becomes more miserable, angrier, and crippled eventually, Sukran enjoys a string of admirers both man and woman despite -or maybe because- of her disability. Since she is a magnet for trouble, these love interests also get messy really fast, ending with tragedies and despair.