Lotus Land 

2021 / 12 min / USA / Dark Comedy, Neo-Noir, Thriller

Directed by Andy Cohen
Cast: Andy Cohen, Grover Ellisor, Bun B

After being robbed blind, Noah and Damian turn to their only hope for salvation—a peculiar Uncle who happens to be a spiritual guru. He helps them get back on their feet… but at what cost? In Lotus Land, the story’s dark turns lead the audience down a path of mystery and surrealism. Whether it’s a perplexing cowboy, an Ethiopian dry cleaner with a murky past, or a seemingly kindhearted Latina vixen — you never know who might be leading you into the light, or the dark depths of your own mortality.

The Gun

2021 / 17 min / New Zealand / Experimental

Directed by T. J. McIntosh
Cast: Liam Prisk, Jonty Austin

An uneasy vision of a young man’s internal world as the escalating intrusions of an embittered older self force him onto a dangerous path.

The Saverini Widow

2020 / 19 min / France / Drama, Horror, Revenge

Directed by Loïc Gaillard
Cast: Christiane Conil, Toussaint Martinetti, Cédric Appietto, Marie-Pierre Nouveau

Bonifacio 1883, extreme south of Corsica. The widow of the late Saverini lives in an isolated house near the cliffs, with her only son Antoine, and her dog. During the day, she assists women giving birth in town. One night her son is killed in a clash. The murderer flees to Sardinia. Her world falls to pieces…

Emotional Labor

2021 / 12 min / USA / Drama

Directed by Alexa Best
Cast: Alexa Best, Chris Valenti, Andrea Anderson, Ryan Manuel


woman on the margins struggles to hold on to her humanity when she
confronts the secrets in her client’s upscale apartment

Your Now Beyond Hope, Arizona

2021 / 22 min / USA / Neo-Western, Crime, Drama

Directed by Nick Dugan
Cast: Lucca De Oliveira, Elyse Mirto, Geordie Kieffer

When a viciously traumatized alcoholic is ordered to kill an AA sponsor whose gambling debts are worse than his own, he must learn the art of self-forgiveness or succumb to a perpetual cycle of moral decay.