Underground Shorts: Speed of Life Head on

Underground Shorts: Speed of Life Head on

6 shorts for the price of 1 ticket!

Tell Me About Tomorrow

Robert, who lost his parents in the accident, can’t forget that day he remained alone. He feels how he is trapped inside the car again and again and his therapist Max is trying to help him to conquer his inner demons.

2020 / Russian Federation / 15 min / Drama
Directed By Igor Zuikov


A businesswoman struggles to navigate her increasingly alienating world, disconnected from her work, colleagues, and husband. Lost in grief, can she find connection amidst the chaos? A spellbinding, visually surprising drama of modern inner life, told using the expansive metaphors of outer space.

2020 / Canada / 13 min / Drama
Directed By Tate Young
Cast: Natalie Lisinska, Dalmar Abuzeid, Matthew MacFadzean


A mother tries to reconnect with her son across memories, missed calls, modern distractions, and the distance of neglected relationships.

2019 / USA/ 12 min / Drama, Fantasy, Comedy
Directed By Chris Foito
Cast: Babs George, Austin Hall, Joe Kappes

Boys to Bears

Three Shrub Scouts struggle to decide on the best course of action when their lives are threatened by a menacing brown bear.

2020 / USA / 8 min / Comedy, Drama
Directed By Jason Bendor
Cast: Joey DeBlanco, Ben Ashby, Isaac Jimenez


Adetoro and Rashad, two young men from two different backgrounds living in the same neighborhood. With tension between the two men based off differences and a heated argument in the local barbershop, a situation arises that forces them to look to each other for safety.

2020 / USA / 10 min / Drama
Directed By Omó Pastor
Cast: Andrew Drake, Stephen Ojo, Mama Sade

Lost Treasure of the Valley

A photographer and an adventurer discover that all of the abandoned shopping carts in LA’s San Fernando Valley lead to a hidden cave off of Sepulveda Blvd. with a lost treasure inside – guarded by a dragon!

2019 / USA / 25 min / Action, Comedy, Adventure
Directed By Robert Husted
Cast: Lori Beth Denberg, Greg Lee, Everardo Barriga