Best Narrative
Time Lapse

Best Narrative Short

Best Horror Feature

Best Horror Short
Fool’s Day

Best Documentary Feature
Despite The Gods

Best Documentary Short
Life After Manson

Best Experimental Feature
Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two

Best Experimental Short
Darwin’s Dead

Best Exploitation
Upsidedown Cross

Best Animation
Gimme The Sweet and Lowdown

Audience Award
Limo Ride

Director’s Award
My Name is Jonah

Welcome to the 7th Arizona Underground Film Festival! This year the festival finds itself at the newly remodeled Screening Room located at 127 E. Congress in downtown Tucson between Sept. 19th to 27th. To check out all the films, times, and dates for this year’s festival click HERE or click the schedule link at the top! See at the underground!

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