Showtime: 7:30PM on Friday, September 13th, 2019

Showing with Water Horse –

In this dark, stylish thriller set in a hellish vision of our world where the air crackles with impending death, a comic book obsessed serial killer clashes with a straight edge purist over a young boy’s fate. Riveting in a gut-twisting way and holding unnerving, devastating nihilistic power, ARTIK shares a harrowingly bleak vision that will haunt you and make your flesh slick with fear. Starring horror favorites Chase Williamson ( Beyond the Gates and Sequence Break), Jerry G. Angelo (Fright Night), Matt Mercer Bliss), and Lauren Ashley Carter (The Mind’s Eye).

2019 / USA / 78 min. / Horror, Action, Thriller
Directed by Tom Botchii
Cast: Chase Williamson, Jerry G. Angelo, Lauren Ashley Carter