Showtime: 1:00PM on Sunday, September 16th, 2018

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Unsanctioned by the board of directors at their powerful multinational, The Pantheon Group, Joy and her supervisor, Vincent, run an experiment on telepathic abilities. Katie, an unwilling research subject and powerful psychic antenna, prepares to silence the chaos in her head by drowning. Her father Miguel, held in a nearby warehouse, must intervene by contacting his daughter telepathically, or watch her drown via hidden cameras. When the experiment is ultimately interrupted by a call from corporate headquarters, Joy must return to the office and face her reclusive, unnatural employer, the Chairman.

2018 / USA / 20 Min. / Thriller
Directed by Frank White
Cast: Bianet Diaz, Al Clemente Saks, Jessie Scarborough-Ghent