Showtime: 7:30PM on Thursday, September 20th, 2018

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A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a fan, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her in this horror satire of popularity culture.

“…a strong undercurrent of biting social commentary presented in a satirical manner. Everything from social media to corporate sponsorship to instant celebrity to the corruption of law enforcement and government is well and duly skewered. But fret not, because while these themes are being explored, there is a true reverence to our beloved horror biz on display as well (especially for the slasher and giallo genres).”

Daniel XIII / Horror Fuel – 5 out of 5 stars

“A scathing observation of the habits of the internet age, Clickbait asks us to take a hard look at our online viewing habits and the true reasons for our enjoyment of the darker things that appeal to us, and demands we truly consider the kinds of things we might be inadvertently complicit in.”

Andrew Marshall / Starburst

“You’re a click away from a topical and trendy horror satire…Clickbait’s humor is an evolution of the Kaufman schlock in TROMA films, updated for a modern audience, and dare I say a little more sophisticated for adults.”

The Headless Critic / Without Your Head

“Fans of John Waters and Paul Bartel movies are in for a treat…”

Matt Storc / Horror Society

2018 / USA / 80 Min./ Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Directed by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein
Cast: Amanda Colby Stewart, Brandi Aguilar, Seth Chatfield
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