The Drifting Reel Shorts Block


2018/ USA/ 18 Min/ Documentary, Comedy, Musical, Experimental
Directed by Zack Kasten

An experimental look into a day in the lives of street performers attempting to support themselves on Hollywood blvd.

The Neighbors
2018/ USA/ 12 Min/ Experimental
Directed by Janelle VanderKelen

A diaristic exploration of intimacy forced through sonic bleed, this piece explores the blurring of public/private boundaries and details an individual’s honest attempt to foster relationships. Agency is asserted as aural pollution is subverted. The subjunctive turns into reality.

“F” For Formula
2017/ USA/ 2 Min/ Animation
Directed by Santino Vitale

This stop-frame animation depicts “lost footage” and subsequent outtakes from a commercial starring a bad-tempered, baby Orson Welles

Zoe + Ari
2018/ USA/ 10 Min/ Comedy, Drama
Directed by Rachael Meyers
Starring: Anastasia Leddick, Carter Scott

Zoe and Ari, a couple of two years, pack their suitcases to fly to Zoe’s sister’s wedding in Portland. As they decide what to bring, Ari learns a devastating truth about what Zoe’s family knows.

Since. Now. After
2018/ USA/ 6 Min/ Animation, Experimental
Directed by Peter Murphey

Three channel, experimental animation and video exploring three-different states in time

2018/ USA/ 12 Min/ Drama
Directed by Eric Flores
Starring: James Gorday, Chadd Hawkins, Gabriel Mason

A story of a regular guy who has achieved the dream of internet fame. However, Internet fame comes with risks.

2018/ USA, China/ 6 Min/ Animation
Directed by Zhongwen Hu

There is a shop located in a mysterious street that can help people to achieve their dream faces by cutting and modeling. It’s called
“Faceshop”. One day, a man without a face came to the shop to have his first experience.

Shut Your Eyes I’m Gonna Dance
2018/ USA/ 6 Min/ Drama
Directed by Ulya Aviral
Starring: Nicholas Shannon

A trans man’s memory search is interrupted by his female alter ego in a surreal garden where he has to reconcile with the place to claim freedom.

Thin Ice
2018/ Germany/ 24 Min/ Drama
Directed by Alexander Herzog
Starring: Susanne Bredehöft, Andreas Schröders, Mario Pokatzky

The short film “Thin Ice” shows the story of a person in the tension between longing for a ordinary live and the inability to integrate socially. A woman in her late 50s starts watching a family from a hiding place in the front yard at night. In the further course of the plot we develop a very immediate feeling for the biographical reasons and the reality of a person at the very edge of society. The futile attempts and the inability to integrate professionally and socially, lead to an escape into the seemingly perfect world of family life. She escapes in her imagination further into total security, which turns out to be a fatal miscalculation.