Shorts Block 2: Cinema Unleashed


Proceeds of a Crime
2017/ Australia/ 10 Min/ Thriller
Directed by James Chappell
Starring: Sabrina Haley, Sarah Bishop, Ashleigh Mcfarlane, Meshell Webb

Miss Hogg’s gang ‘The Birds of Prey’ terrorise the city streets, stealing the hair of beautiful women, but when they set their sights on the wrong target, they realise darker forces than themselves rule the night.

2017/ Italy/ 11 Min/ Drama
Directed by Giorgio De Dominicis
Starring: Antimo Casertano, Teodoro Di Bello, Lello Pirone

In a dystopian world where individuals live like automata, X finds his human nature.

The Terminizer Zero
2017/ USA/ 8 Min/ Action/ Adventure
Directed by Nicki Legge, JP Frydrych
Starring: Calion Maston, JP Frydrych, Bill Wetherill, Windy West

The Terminizer Zero is a collection of our test shoots and a modified scene from the film strung together with a narrative that explores what happens before, during, after the events of The Terminizer.

2017/ USA/ 5 Min/ Comedy
Directed by Matt Ruby
Starring: JJ Speros, Alex King, Andy Chen

A customer tries to order a simple menu item, but is perplexed when other customers don’t take kindly to bombardment of questions to the employee.

2017/ USA/ 16 Min/ Thriller/ Horror
Directed by Chris Wilembrecht
Starring: Billie Wolff, John Sipple, Tarah McDaniel, Rob Hemen

After a less than romantic Valentine’s Day as the third wheel, Jenny decides to call it a night, alone. When an eerie driver drops her off at home, she realizes she may not be alone after all.

The Lexington Standoff
2017/ USA/ 13 Min/ Comedy/ Drama
Directed by Curtis Cook
Starring: Dave Gregory, Sean Hart, Erin Hammond, Ruben Ortiz

A frustrated stand up team and a struggling open mic guitarist w his committed follower decide to rob the drug dealer unbeknownst to each other.

He Watched A Lot of Movies
2017/ USA/ 31 Min/ Documentary
Directed by Chad Dooley
Starring: Aaron Jackson

The average American will watch around 2000 films in their lifetime. Aaron Jackson however is on the brink of 10,000, and has documented everything since the start. In this nostalgic trip into the roots of Aaron’s brain, we dive head first into his beginning, past, and his future.