Shorts Block 1: Cinephiles Attack!


Brock Bledsoe: Future Hero
2017/ USA/ 14 Min/ Comedy
Directed by Matthew Ellis
Starring: Ian Lockhart, Lexie Contursi, Matthew Ellis

It’s the golden hour, time for the martini shot and the star of the movie just can’t seem to find his motivation. The film, his career, a beleaguered costar, an exhausted crew and an exasperated director all hang in the balance. Should he ‘method this thing, or technique it…’

2017/ USA/ 10 Min/ Drama
Directed by Josh Berghoff
Starring: Shaniya Brown, Austin Elmer

After preparing an anniversary dinner for her boyfriend, Bethany comes to realize she must deal with her grief in her own way.

Idea Guy
2017/ USA/ 5 Min/ Comedy
Directed by Adam Benavides
Starring: William Wyss, Kayana Sweeney, Kelvin Harper

A young woman seeks advice because she is troubled about her relationship with her boyfriend who has many ideas but never follows through with any of them. She decides to support him on one of his more simple ideas in hopes that he will gain confidence and complete his task. Little does she know what she is getting into.

Page One
2017/ USA/ 7 Min/ Comedy
Directed by Don P. Hooper
Starring: Tarik Davis, Dorcas Davis, Alexandra Turshen, Joshua Mesnik

Veteran actor Abel Worthy’s career of dying first in all his movies gets put to the ultimate test when his latest film gets attacked by bloodthirsty creatures.

2017/ USA/ 11 Min/ Drama
Directed by Justin Stabley
Starring: Elizabeth Estrada, Daniel Joseph Gonzales, Hattie Jean Hayes, Leslie Verdugo

An expert hacker uses her skills to help unauthorized immigrants gain legal status in America.

Molassus and Lemon
2017/ USA/ 4 Min/ Experimental
Directed by Robert Sickels
Starring: Arie Knops, Tiffany Cain, Daniel Forbes

Images and ideas associated with falling in love abound in popular culture. Happy couples hold hands and look at each other longingly while walking carefree along the beach. Hearts, diamonds, and flowers. Romance and passion. Chocolate and cherubs. Conversely, we associate heartbreak with all things bad. Darkness, depression, and despair. A solitary figure trudges silently in the rain without a jacket, soaked and despondent.

2017/ USA/ 38 Min/ Horror
Directed by Tony NOyes, Shari K. Green
Starring: Tony NOyes, Michelle Pallermo, Gary Herkimer, Timothy Helmstaldter

Kristopher Kane and his Family are put on the naughty list by a creepy psycho Santa with a candy cane blade and a taste for Holiday scare. Not even the kids, friends and neighbors are tucked away safe in they’re beds as visions of terror from Mr. CLAWS are slashing through they’re heads!