Run For Your Life




2017, USA, 78 Min
Comedy, Drama
Directed by J. Douglas Guffey
Cast: DeJean Brown, A.J. Moorehead, Luke Johnson

Yesterday, Employee 00213 missed nine of his eleven pickups. Today, he must use all his charm, call in every last favor, lie, weasel and outwit his auditor Employee 00418 if he wants to keep his job. The main problem with his situation is 00418 is famously unflappable. Never moves outside of company policy or fudges the numbers or accepts a bribe.

00213 is confident he can soften 00418’s stance on his case. As 00213 pleads for his job, the business doesn’t stop. 00213’s files continue to logjam and his bumbling ‘do-gooder’ trainee, Employee 142, keeps making mistakes (making them both look foolish), adding stress to 00213’s all ready nerve-racking day.

Every fabrication 00213 attempts is thwarted instantly by 00418. He is a steel-trap when it comes to his role as a middle manager. As 00213’s tall-tales grow increasingly outlandish and more information comes to light, it is evident that 00418 will have to send his case file ‘upstairs’ for processing. Once this happens 00213 will have one more chance to plead for his livelihood in front of the boss’ boss-001 Himself: Grim.

Ultimately, Grim will decide if 00213 keeps his job or is fired in disgrace, which would create a whole new set of problems for the businessman and his wife upon his return home.

Director Statement
“Run For Your Life is a collision of a few seemingly separate ideas: the mundane routine and bondage to one’s employment and…death. Somewhere along the way those two separate script ideas became one and, irony fully intended, the film actual felt like it could live. Throw in a character that we’ve had in our back pocket for years (a character we have adored and despised with equal measure) and the film actually felt like it could have a pulse. Getting it off the ground and on its feet with Very (notice the capital V) little financing has been another struggle altogether and I don’t even want to mention getting the picture walking once it was on its feet. We do think we’ve hit upon an interesting idea and think these characters are fascinating to spend an hour and a half with. We hope it is engaging and humorous and sad and all the other great words that come with enjoying the cinema. Our lack of budget was and continues to be our biggest hurdle and yet, watching it now, I think we pulled off a bit of a magic trick: The picture doesn’t look like a summer blockbuster, but looks a good 47% better than its budget would suggest. Plus, I love the little flourishes our lack of money has lent the picture. They are many of the finer moments of the film. Hope you enjoy it as much as we are capable of. Thank you. With all my heart. Thank you.“ -J. Douglas Guffey


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