Outside the Reel Shorts Block


2018/ USA/ 7 Min/ Animation
Directed by Melissa Ferrari

“Phototaxis” draws parallels between Mothman, a prophetic and demonized creature in West Virginia lore, and Narcotics Anonymous, the main treatment program in West Virginia’s addiction epidemic. Rooted in nonfiction, this film contemplates synchronicity and the role of belief systems in perception; the tendency to assign supernatural meaning to tragedy and the unknowable; anonymous and apocryphal oral histories; and the moth to the flame.

2018/ USA/ 11 Min/ Drama, Sci-Fi
Directed by Bears Fonte
Starring: Sara Fletcher, Kelsey Deanne, Kevin Rock

Mysteriously eight months pregnant overnight, Katie believes the Angels responsible, but her sister thinks differently.

The Present
2017/ USA/ 13 Min/ Comedy, Experimental
Directed by Richard Rogers
Starring: Jake Brady

A frustrated man becomes hypnotized by a meditation informercial and engages in a surreal battle for control of his mind.

William Wishes
2017/ USA/ 22 Min/ Comedy, Drama
Directed by Michael P. Vidler
Starring: Lori Koko, Tyson Larter, Razvan Orban

A birthday boy’s obsessive adherence to a zombie apocalypse survival code lands him in trouble that forces him to face a darker reality.

2018/ USA/ 8 Min/ Experimental
Directed by Janelle VanderKelen

The repetitive motions of the canning process quietly remap the accreted horrors of female labor that intervenes in the lifespan of a vegetable arrested in forever-summer. A circuitous wandering explores this process and confuses conceptions of time and space as seasons accumulate into undifferentiated years of feminine relation to and reinvention of natural growth cycles. The physical constraints of the domestic and embodied architectures are eventually completely subverted by the excessive act of preservation.

2017/ USA/ 20 Min/ Comedy
Directed by Vienna Hayden
Starring: Joe Jauch, Dawn Nixon, Philip Salvo

A former mafia family escaped to Arizona and moves into a home in a home owner’s association that is, unbenownst to them, run by another former mafia member who retired in Arizona. After discovering one another, they must reconcile their differences to come together as a family and take care of a grandchild through a teen pregnancy between their 2 families.

Border Patrol
2018/ USA/ 15 Min/ Comedy
Directed by Shane Kosakowski
Starring: Erin Darling, Dana De La Garza, Carlos Santos

‘Border Patrol’ is a comedy centered on two polar opposite Latino Border Patrol agents: Greg, a by-the-book rookie who wants to a build a wall physically and emotionally from his new partner, Azul, a half-Mexican, margarita-drinking, free-spirit who doesn’t believe in borders.