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2010, CHINA, 105 Min
Directed by Kenneth Bi
Cast: Michelle Wai, Seli Xian, Venus Wong, Una Lin

Girl$ is Kenneth Bi’s (director of the acclaimed film The Drummer) much talked about film that tackles teenage prostitution in China. Girl$ has never screened in the U.S., and we are proud to be the North American Premiere of this a stylish, energetic, entertaining, and exploitative flick.

Girl$ follows four young women and their experiences in the world of “compensated dating”, where the girls are paid to date and not necessarily have sex. Of course, sex is an inevitable byproduct of the business, and the girls are subject to the same dangers: diseases, perverted clients, and even a killer who’s out there killing and dismembering the working girls. Nonetheless, the girls forge on to pay the bills and try to make a living.


Sinkhole – click the title for more info
2011, USA, 2 Min
Narrative/Exploitation Short
Directed by Greg Hanson
Cast: Carey Burtt, Philip Marlowe, Sara Minisquero

A man is lured into a horrible sexual tryst by his sink.


Myrtil Palemone – click the title for more info
2011, AUSTRALIA, 4 Min
Experimental Short
Directed by Loïc Vinet
Cast: Justine Keim, Amélie Raoul

A black and white, silent interpretation of the poem ‘Myrtil and Palemone’, work of the French poet Albert Samain, and lead by a piano composition of Frederic Chopin. The film is an experimental ‘mise en scene’ of Myrtil’s nascent love for Palemone, which vision follows a world of symbols and metaphors, all notes of a delicate encounter between two bodies.

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