Bunny The Killer Thing



2015, Finland, 88 min
Comedy/ Horror
Directed by: Joonas Makkonen
Starring: Gareth Lawrence, Enni Ojutkangas, Veera W. Vilo

CAN YOU HANDLE the most over the top offensive horror film of the year?

A group of seven Finnish young adults are heading to have a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. By chance, three foreign men end up to the same cabin. The men seem to be hiding a secret. The party weekend at cabin becomes a game for life and death, when suddenly a weird creature attacks from forest to terrorize the people! The creature is half man, half rabbit, and it is after anything that resembles female genitals. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing!

‘Bunny the Killer Thing’ is a hilarious full length horror-comedy, made in the genres of splatter and camp films. The film makes fun of ‘cabin in the woods’ -type films. The film’s creature design is made to honor the 80’s “Man in a monster suit” -films. The film has been made with international cast, for an international audience!


“Goofy, irreverent, and delightfully perverted” – Cinema Slasher

“You can’t help but laugh and be entertained by how raunchy “Bunny the Killer Thing” can be, and will delight fans of blood and gore” – Film Bizarro

“Bring your sick friends and weed out the prudes because sexual depravity and chaos is best enjoyed with liked minded individuals and Bunny the Killer Thing takes no prisoners” – Blood Brothers Film Reviews



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